The eyebrow: a result the hair!

Eyebrows too thick, too provided, not drawn enough? The solution is waxing eyebrows with what, when and how to do it … You do not cut!

The eyebrows, is like sauerkraut hairstyle: it belongs to the past.
Today’s eyebrows have a line more natural, harmonious. Get gestures to yourself highlight your eyes and balance your facial features.

Do not worry about your eyebrows!


Before tweezing

It must, above all, start by defining the arc of your eyebrows, according to your face shape: round, long, wide or square … To do this, face your mirror, you will draw an imaginary vertical line that connects the base of your nostril to the inner corner of your eye and your eyebrow, this for both sides: the imaginary line will tell you where your eyebrow should start . You can do this, use a pencil, placing it on your face against the side of your nose and the extension of the eye. Anything over pencil on the side of the nose must be shaved.

To determine where, ideally, your eyebrow should end, it will also draw an imaginary line from the corner of the mouth and passes through the outer corner of your eye. Again: anything above this line should be shaved.

beauty eyebrow

Avoid leaving still more than a half inch between your eyebrows too large a gap may reveal the thickness of your nose. Once this is done, for both eyes, you’ll know what size ideally give your eyebrows.

The thickness of your eyebrows, it will be defined by the original size of your eyebrows and the shape you want them. It may vary from person to person, but one thing must be respected: the inner corner of the eyebrow should be thicker than the rest of the eyebrow. All must be plucked eyebrows so, according to a thicker line in the center of the face, and tapers gradually: it is impossible to change the basic shape or direction of growth of an eyebrow. The outline of your eyebrow should form a curve that is rising ¾, and ¼ down.

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