Natural skin care is to treat your skin naturally and chemical free

natural skin care

Natural skin care is to treat your skin naturally and chemical free. Natural Skin Care allows the skin to take care of themselves (without any assistance from synthetic materials / chemicals). Natural skin care is about the cultivation of good habits in the way you do from day to day activities. Many of us do not care about skin care. The result is insecure because the skin is dull, rough, and may not be chewy, or even unhealthy skin color (pale). This sort of thing is of course closely related to skin health.

Natural skin care for normal skin
if you have normal skin, then you’re in luck. Normal skin has almost no skin problems and has a perfect view. Natural skin care for normal skin, including drinking a quart of water, eats a balanced diet and regular exercise. Cleansing, moisturizing and toning should be part of the beauty regime. For normal skin, you can clean your face with water splashing all over the face with a few drops of rose water added to it. This helps in keeping your skin color and looks perfect. This also ensures that dirt and dust accumulated during your skin clean. Most people ask, I have normal skin, then what good is toning. Regardless of the type of skin you have, the toning is essential as it helps in closing enlarged pores. If you do not want to see skin orange, the color of your skin every time you clean your face.

Natural skin care for dry skin
those who have dry skin suffers the discomfort and occasional droughts cause itchy skin as well. However, nature has provided us with some powerful natural moisturizers like honey. Apply a paste of honey and milk on your skin and leave on for 15 to 20 minutes. Depending on the intensity of drought, you can extend the period of time. You can also leave the paste on the night and wash it in the morning. As an application, make some changes in your diet also includes products such as milk and drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. Dehydration is sometimes the main cause of dry skin. You can also take the beans as they are known to provide the skin with oil from the inside. The best natural skin care for dry skin is to keep it moist not only from the outside, but from inside as well.

Natural skin care for oily skin
when the oil glands of the body producing too much oil, oily skin problems occur. Oily skin is best treated with a blend of mint and sandalwood. Both are known for having strong control of the oily material from your skin and make the cold. Sandalwood also makes the skin cool and improves skin. Another powerful ingredient from nature which helps in the battle with cucumber skin is very oily. Grate cucumber and apply the entire face. Feel the freshness and see how your skin looks radiant.

Skin care should be a natural course. Avoid using cosmetics that contain chemicals or even excessive active substances. Some facts have shown excessive consumption of the active substance will lead to dependence on the skin. Which if its use is stopped, the skin will be more damaged, but if continued use, of course can cause abnormalities / disorders in the working system of natural skin? Many traditional houses and make natural skin care products / measures are also known to be very effective. Such measures not only natural and easy to follow, but also relatively inexpensive. In addition, many natural skin care products available in supermarkets. These products include such as lavender oil, aloe vera etc., which have no side effects. Or use Wakame, a type of marine algae found in waters off Japan, is one of the best natural skin care ingredients.Wakame protects the skin from ultraviolet rays and skin damage caused by pollution. In addition, these natural ingredients also prevent fine wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes.

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