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Hairdresser world talking about the hairstyles trends for 2011. Accordingwhich is also a Mecca of hair trendsetter say that there are two namely Tranquility And enthusiastic. The second trend is the opposite style. Therefore, you can choose hair trends according to your personality and do not need to follow the hair style now if  it does not fit with your face.

The following are tips for applying hair trend that is provided directly by the stylist hair of the world:

1. Tranquility

Grooming express a soft and feminine.This is evidenced from the seventh hairdresser from Brazil,Ukraine and Australia presented a hairdressing salon in international makarizo Tour 2011.Style straight and curly long hair is still a trend.Other than that the colors like dark brown and gold to highlight the darker side of the gentle lady.

2. Enthusiastic

Hairdo is more daring styles differ Tranquility more to color your hair with a variety of colors. Hairdresser strongly recommends changing your hair color a lot because it will make women become fresher and not boring.

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