Face with Sweet Black Skin Color

Image Dark Skin The face is an asset for all people, especially women. But among them are many who lack confidence have the skin dark colored. In fact, dark skin does not mean beautiful. Generally this happens because women ‘inedible’ doctrine which assumes that the beautiful woman must white, and used intimidation against dark-skinned people but if cared for properly, the skin was dark No less interesting with bright-skinned woman.

For those of you who do not have dark skin discouraged. Because if you take care and do the right makeup, face with dark skin it will give great charm. you will be transformed into the sleek black that will attract the attention of many people.. How do the right makeup to accentuate your strengths are dark skinned?

Let’s  follow these tips:

  1. Makeup as natural as possible and close to the original skin color will produce skin color trim. Never try to change color dark skin to appear to be white for a moment, with its thick as close as possible to thick foundation or powder. This step it gives the impression of ‘dirty’ and shocking to the viewer. Be yourself. Believe me, dark skin still providing its own beauty.
  2. For the foundation, for black skin looks more cute and give the charm of the prime, leading to a yellow color. If you want darker skin, choose a foundation with a dark blue base. But avoid the basic colors red, as it will look like skin burns.
  3. Use blush-on, should be the color used peach or apricot. But if the skin is darker, choose blush slightly golden color as the foundation and blush-colored alloy of dark chocolate.
  4. Choose the level of powder with a darker color of skin or a level younger than skin color. Wipe down the entire face, ears and neck.
  5. Greed eyeshadow with soft colors like light yellow, bronze and chopper and dark chocolate. The combination gives the impression of facial color you look ‘fresh’.
  6. The last step you should do, choosing lipstick colors close to skin. Like chocolate milk, soft pink, dark plum and dark chocolate or just lip gloss.

Makeup does not mean changing the color, but close disadvantages and highlight your strengths. But avoid the use of contrasting colors in eye shadow, cheeks and lips so as not to look like a ‘clown’. so you do not need to fear anymore if you have dark skin, because you can make it more  attractive than those who were white. with the above tips you will get a shiny face a natural, sexy and attractive to the beholder.

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