Stages to Clean Your Face to Look Beautiful

Beautiful face is the desire of all women.Facial  care is one of the most  care skin important.Because facial skin is the most sensitive skin than other skin on our bodies.Especially for a woman, the face must be treated very well to avoid the various problems in the face because for them the face is the most valuable asset.Facial beauty is not only assessed from the physical aspects contained in the face,such as face shape is oval,white skin, sharp nose, eyebrow tidy, beautiful eyes and sexy lips.But the beauty of the face that judged from the care and hygiene,How to care for the face to be free from problem pimples, blackheads, dark spots, premature aging, wrinkles,dull skin and much more.

Any way will be provided to get a clean and healthy face.Ranging from self care at home with capitalize information about products for proper facial skin type orfacial products that fit with the problems being experienced in the the growth period in adolescence the increased hormone,consequently on the face having excess oil gland that is why at the time teens face problems at the most in the face is acne.At the age of 30 years adverse effects from exposure to sunlight and environmental pollution began to appear on the skin. Natural collagen production will start declining which affects the emergence of problems in the face,such as:black spots, the fine lines under the eyes and sagging skin early symptoms.Collagen has an important role in structural formation of cells, tissues,and organ.Collagen function is to provide skin strength , durability, fineness, youthful appearance and healthy skin. But all the above problems can be prevented as long as it can perform facial treatments properly and correctly from the outset.

The following simple steps to clean your face to make it look clean, natural beauty:

-)Do not use bar soap for cleansing your face.
Use a gentle foaming facial cleanser, soap will only make your skin dry.

-)Wash face regularly
But when traveling home should not put off cleaning your face because of dirt or dust will accumulate so that it can cause acne.

-)Avoid hot sun that stung.

-)Don’t be too Stressful.
These  can hormones cause labile or unstable and therefore contributes to skin health.

-)Multiply Smile
People who smile often able to make the face look young, otherwise people who like angry or sullen make the face look older than her age.

-)Wear a face mask made from natural fruits believed to eliminate the problems of the face such as strawberries, cucumbers, bengkoang, tomatoes, bananas and others.

There are many more steps that can be done, only the most important natural beauty radiated from the heart it will shine on the face makes the beautiful face aura.

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