Dangerous beauty should not be done should be avoided in order not to harm you

 dangerous beauty

There are some traditions that developed in the beauty of the world community to change the interface to look beautiful. Unfortunately, that tradition can actually be dangerous for health and dangerous beauty. What are the traditions in order to look beautiful but can be harmful to them? All women would want to look beautiful and attractive, but in some tribes or cultures sometimes have an extreme way to get it. Some current techniques can even say brutal beauty and health hazard. Certain cultural perceptions pretty different, but how that is done to get it sometimes does not pay attention to health factors and even painful and dangerous for the person. Here are some of the techniques used by the public to look beautiful, attractive and graceful,

Using a very tight corset
Victorian society have the notion that women should have a small waist (wasp waists), to get the majority of women use a tight corset and strangled. This corset will be combined with tight clothing to reduce or suppress the waist that would significantly change the shape of the body. Curve of the body so it looks beautiful. But because the corsets are used so tight, it will be very restricted breathing process that allows it to pass out. And if done continuously will cause discomfort and can change the shape of the bone. Very uncomfortable to wear, but for all those who are familiar may be comfortable to wear. But this belongs to one of the dangerous beauty.

Enlarge the lips
in some countries form full lips are considered as being attractive and sexy, so the lips will be injected with collagen to increase the volume to the lips look more attractive. But the culture in Africa instead uses extreme stretching techniques; this is done by Suri and Mursi women of Ethiopia. These stretches with the help of pegs are inserted into the hole on the lip and gradually become larger in size. This is usually done on a prospective bride for 6-12 months before the wedding. It is also one of the dangerous beauty.

reduce and enlarge breasts
Around the 1920’s, has a flat breast seen as something beautiful, it’s no wonder many women are binding and do a breast reduction. But a decade later, large breasts and full of it becoming a trend so many women who have breast enlargement surgery. Some of the processes used tend to be risk adverse in the short or long term. It could even be fatal, and is dangerous beauty.

Stretching the neck
other dangerous beauty are few specific tribes have a tradition to lengthen the neck in women, because of the long neck that signifies elegance of women. Initially it will use brass rings around her neck at the age of 5 years ago more and more of the ring. But this condition can crush the bones of the neck and put pressure on the ribs that are harmful to the body. So if you want to look beautiful and attractive by using one of the traditional methods mentioned above, you should think carefully, lest it would have a negative impact to your health.

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