Basic Steps Facial Treatment for Type Skin that is Changed

Behind every beautiful skin there is a good skin care program as well as appropriate for the needs and skin type. Remember that from time to time  your skin is changed, When the skin care routine just focus on your skin type at any given time only, these products can not used again along with climate change, stress from work, or when your body undergoes hormonal fluctuations or diet or other physical changes, and many things else that may occur.

What makes this more difficult is that you can have various types of skin at a time! It is common for women to have a little of every type of skin at the same time or at different times in one month or the same week. You need to review the overall changes in your skin to be able to assess what is needed by your skin and then respond by applying the appropriate products to the problematic areas. You should pay attention to your skin condition and if  necessary modify the products you use, But sometimes some people are lazy to do skin care.

To it’s follow the basic steps below to get a clean face:

Cleaning the skin is an important base for all skin care routine. This is  to remove dirt, oil , makeup and other  imperfections while helping to prevent acne. Choose cleaning products that match your skin type, do it two times a day, at morning and evening.

Done directly after cleansing to help shrink the pores, balance skin pH and picked up the remnants of dirt  or makeup. Repeat two times a day after cleaning the skin to refresh skin directly.

3.Day Cream
Maintain optimum skin moisture levels throughout the day to prevent dehydration which can cause premature aging and protect skin from environmental aggression. Apply every day after using the cleanser and toner. Without a protective cream during the day, your skin will be exposed to environmental aggressions such as UV radiation. Skin lack of moisture will be more prone to wrinkles and it can accelerate the aging process.

4.Night Cream
Provide the nutrients needed to restore the skin from every day stress. Apply night cream before bed to help restore moisture to your skin and encourage cell activity in order to provide optimum recovery action at night. If you  forget to apply the night cream before bed then you would remove the vital components such as lipids which are  needed to optimally recover at night. Without the appropriate nutrients your skin will look dry and tired.

Believe that proper maintenance and good on preventing problems that can be caused by skin that is not being treated well and correctly.

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