The eyebrow: a result the hair!


Eyebrows too thick, too provided, not drawn enough? The solution is waxing eyebrows with what, when and how to do it … You do not cut! The eyebrows, is like sauerkraut hairstyle: it belongs to the past. Today’s eyebrows have a line more natural, harmonious. Get gestures to yourself highlight your eyes and balance your […]

Dangerous beauty should not be done should be avoided in order not to harm you

dangerous beauty

There are some traditions that developed in the beauty of the world community to change the interface to look beautiful. Unfortunately, that tradition can actually be dangerous for health and dangerous beauty. What are the traditions in order to look beautiful but can be harmful to them? All women would want to… Continue reading

Eye makeup tips that you can apply

Eye makeup tips

You really need eye makeup tips for the perfect makeup on your eyes. Ultimate eye makeup face makeup of grammar, eye makeup on the area to determine your face shape and ornamentation, with the highlight in the area of ??eye makeup, makeup person will change as a whole. The right eye makeup… Continue reading

Natural skin care is to treat your skin naturally and chemical free

natural skin care

Natural skin care is to treat your skin naturally and chemical free. Natural Skin Care allows the skin to take care of themselves (without any assistance from synthetic materials / chemicals). Natural skin care is about the cultivation of good habits in the way you do from day to day activities. Many… Continue reading

Pure Beauty can also be defined as the natural beauty that radiates from a woman who has a good personality

pure beauty

Pure beauty is a testament to something extraordinary from a woman. Integral and it is much more than skin deep. The real beauty holding a high level of authentic power, pure and inseparable from the character of the woman who emits it. In order to realize the real beauty, a woman must be willing… Continue reading